What we have been doing for 25 years in 100 words

Výzkumná B2B agentura

We are a market research agency focusing mainly on B2B markets.

Our business model is refreshingly straightforward. We always have in mind how to improve our clients’ sales and marketing results. Our customers appreciate this approach and so they come back to us regularly.
Since our establishment in 1996, we have already implemented 588 projects for 140 clients.


Výzkumná B2B agentura

Over the past 5 years, we have interviewed 57,814 companies in 39 countries.

We have worked on big projects with huge budgets (e.g. 6 extensive methodologies in 8 countries and a 9-year project in 16 countries) as well as on low-cost surveys (e.g. on entering two countries with research costs of just 125,000 CZK but sales results exceeding all expectations).


Audit and consulting
Car industry
Other industries