Hidden potential in other divisions

To acquire a completely new customer is a demanding and expensive process. Therefore, the customers you already have can be used to increase turnover. We often see that clients are missing out on great potential for selling their products to customers’ other divisions because they do not know the organizational structure or the right decision makers.

Our research shows that your company may be foregoing 15–30 % of total orders volume in industrial markets because you do not know the organizational structures of your clients.

Our agency is able to map in detail your customers’ other divisions which you currently do not supply and to determine how great is the potential you are missing. We will find the contact information for decision makers, the current suppliers, and the reasons why the interviewed company is not using your company as a supplier.

We successfully combine this method with existing customer satisfaction surveys and lost customers research.


Hidden potential at affiliates

It is becoming increasingly popular among our customers to seek business potential in other countries.

Based upon a database of your customers in various countries that you supply to us, we are able to identify potential clients who have branches or affiliates in other countries that are not yet your customers.

Using skilled telemarketing, we find out whether other countries also buy your product and we obtain the contact information for decision makers. We talk to these decision makers and ask them what volumes they use, from whom and why. Afterwards, we introduce your company, explain that you are a supplier in other countries, and endeavour to arrange a meeting with your salesperson.

Hard work of sales representatives

The role of a sales representative involves knowing your customers well, interacting with them closely, and identifying sales opportunities on a timely basis. Nevertheless, when we research our clients’ customers it regularly happens that we identify divisions, departments or project teams with which the client is not in touch and that these divisions do not know of the client’s offer. Therefore, they purchase products from only competitors.

This situation is completely understandable. Sales representatives cannot spend as much time as do our interviewers to investigate corporate structures. Also, contact people at companies often do not want to assist sales representatives, because they perceive that they might thereby cause problems for colleagues or themselves.

Cooperation with Brand Brothers brings valuable information to your sales representatives. Using this information, they can focus on where the real commercial potential lies.