Custom-tailored services

Brand Brothers provides full-service research. We carry out a whole range of complex, difficult-to-perform surveys. Clients often come to us to conduct research that other agencies were not able to perform. Through the entire time that we have been in business, there has not been a single case in which we did not deliver what we had promised.

Market research

  • B2B market research
  • B2C market research
  • Research on competitors
  • Focus groups and in-depth interviews
  • Mystery shopping
  • Desk research

Satisfaction survey

Implementation support

  • Trainings and workshops
  • Creating action plans for individual groups of data users
  • Regular facilitation of changes associated with research results
  • Promotion of selected research outputs to media (PR)

Each survey, each undertaking with brands, each newly determined marketing strategy constitutes a professional challenge for us. We work on them with maximum passion and care. Confidence in results is the basic measure of cooperation with Brand Brothers. We are proud of the fact that this trust is continuously achieved.