Our expertise is founded on experience

The first survey of internet users in the Czech Republic

We founded the agency in 1996 and began with a unique research project: conducting the very first market research of internet users in the Czech Republic.

Focus on B2B

Thanks to fortunate coincidences, our initial surveys focused on B2B markets. Even before the distinctiveness and importance of this segment was clearly understood in Central Europe, we began to create methodologies to examine and influence decision makers. By around 2002, we had collected so many references that we had become the leader in B2B surveys within the Czech Republic.

...and its expansion to B2C

Our satisfied customers progressively returned to us with B2C research assignments, as well. They wanted this work to be processed in the same high-quality manner to which they were accustomed. Therefore, we began to investigate consumer markets at the end of the 1990s. We have developed methodologies to conduct research also for specific target groups.

First international research

We conducted our first international research (in Slovakia) during 2002 for DPD. We added Poland and Hungary in 2003. We conduct the research in-house for all countries from our internal call centre staffed by native speakers. To date, we have conducted surveys in 39 countries (from Argentina and the USA to China and Korea).

Map of countries we regularly work in

We are proud...

to say that for the entire time that Brand Brothers has been in operation we have been able to meet every agreed deadline. Our 24-year history is both a foundation which we can continue to feel good in building upon and it is your guarantee of our professionalism and stability.

In order to...

... deliver well-grounded marketing suggestions to our clients, we have always taken Brand Brothers to the interface where research agency meets consulting firm. We always provide a full array of marketing services in our projects which range from market research, seeking market opportunities, research on competitors and strategy design to marketing recommendations.

We have been steadily creating and improving our premium study processing, known as Easy & Precise, so that it surpasses what is offered by other agencies. The basic version of this methodology was worked out in 2003, and since that time we have been improving it each year in order to maintain the position of quality leader.