Research was done in a highly professional level and the quality was first rate. For example, a better-than-average 94% response rate was reached; it means only 6% of respondents refused to answer the questionnaire.


We ourselves checked the interviews with respondents. It confirmed that the data collection reflects the reality and is highly reliable.

Air Products

Native speakers only are conducting the interviews from call center located in headquarters of the Brand Brothers company – collected data are thus comparable and reliable for each country. We visit the call center regularly to check the quality of interviewing for all researched countries.


I had the opportunity, to visit the office of Brand Brothers in Brno during and I could see in details how they are working. Finally I am sure, that we made a good decision choosing Brand Brothers.


Brand Brothers were able to conduct this research in covering 8 European countries with the same methodologies and accuracy for each country.


Brand Brothers made many above-standard steps to ensure high reliability.


Professional approach from research assignment up to the final presentation. High quality and innovative way of data processing. Brand Brothers’ outputs are on the highest level we ever met.


In comparison to other research agencies we were pleasantly surprised by the detailed final report, which not only met the main research objectives, but it spread beyond their original assignment.


Very clear and well readable final study. The results exceed our expectations.


We conducted extensive and detailed research of small business customers with the Brand Brothers Company. We were pleasantly surprised by the results of the concreteness and detail. Particular recommendations were very valuable to our sales representatives.


We could see that there was a really hard work and expertise behind.


One of the reasons of our satisfaction was detailed elaboration of the results as well as their professional presentation including specific recommendation, explanations and observations. Although we are many years on the market, part of the results was surprising for us, thus invaluable. Part of the recommendations we have implemented immediately and on the utilization of the others we are working.


The results correspond to what Brand Brothers promised – they are accurate, clear, easy-to-read and directly applicable to marketing activities of Schiedel company.


Realized research has surpassed our expectations. Results are clear and the study is very readable. Part of the Easy & Precise are practical and realistic recommendations to which we can proceed effectively.


I appreciate professionalism, quality of work and compliance with agreed deadlines.


Surveys are managed professionally, clearly, quickly and with no mistakes. What we were promised was always fully respected.


Due to positive references, we decided to use the services of Brand Brothers company. We have to confirm, that the cooperation with the agency is absolutely trouble-free every time.


In selection process, Brand Brothers provided us with comprehensive list of verbal references. We contacted several of those companies – I can say, that in all of the companies they were very satisfied with the cooperation. Our impression is identical

Air Products

We cooperate with Brand Brothers since 2006. We were very satisfied with the approach of Brand Brothers so we started to turn to their specialists also with other projects. Gradually, the agency became our main research partner in Europe.


The study brought a number of hard data, observations, links and recommendations. We understood the decision-making process, and we found a hidden opportunity. We assess the cooperation with Brand Brothers as very beneficial.


Thanks to Brand Brothers, the entry of Division of diamond tools in Czech Republic and Slovakia was highly successful. It is in our group expressed as an example of effective enforcement of the new market.


Brand Brothers significantly contributed to the completion of our future business strategy on the relevant markets. Thanks to the market research, we were able to determine the size of individual segments and it helped to set the right size of our business group.

AG Foods

Research revealed big opportunities.We have increased turnover and made profitable changes in assortment.


After a detailed study of the research, results showed quite a lot of fundamental facts, which by that time we were not able to see or ignored. Their work has become one of the pillars of a new marketing strategy.


Brand Brothers convinced us to make significant changes. We found new successful products and penetrated into new profitable segments. Many years of cooperation has increased our profit margins, turnover and profit.


What do customers say about us?

Our strong position in the market today is founded on high customer satisfaction and repeat business with our clients.


Based on our customer satisfaction research, we can state that:

  • 93% of customers rated our agency with a grade of 7 or 6 on a seven-point scale and no one rated overall satisfaction with a grade of 4 or lower.
  • 69% of our customers have already recommended us to a business partner.
  • 82% of our clients have carried out more than one research project with our agency.
  • Only 2% of our clients rated us with a lower grade than that for the competition (but even these clients were highly satisfied with us), and the remainder of our customers rated us better than competitors with which they had personal experience.
  • Most clients have praised the high quality of results interpretation and marketing recommendations, indicating these to be more beneficial for sales growth than those of our competitors.


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