Realized research has surpassed our expectations. Results are clear and the study is very readable. It is obvious, that the research team of the agency understands the issue of B2B markets in detail and can go to the heart of the problem.


When surveying our market position and gaining data for our marketing plan we cooperated with Brand Brothers agency. We received a very detailed analysis from them. This analysis was a valuable basis for setting our marketing strategy.


We cooperate with Brand Brothers Ltd in the area of market analysis and developing of marketing strategies. We are completely satisfied with how the cooperation works. What we appreciate in the first place is the professional associated with evident knowledge of the problems; fast and operative solutions of the subjects we submit, including development of proposals for applying the results in our corporate reality.


Brand Brothers has conducted research on the main segments of our market. Thanks to the precisely elaborated study we have deeply and reliably recognized current demand structure, strengths and weeknesses of our competitors. The research has made it easy for us to find several significant opportunities leading increase of our turnover in the current market segments.


Based on available references, we chose Brand Brothers to conduct market research for our company. I have to say that we do not regret our decision. The study’s processing and its presentation were highly professional and exceeded our expectations. We received the necessary feedback as well as recommendations that were valuable in determining our business strategies.


Their research was conducted on a highly professional level and was of first-class quality. For example, a better-than-average 94% response rate was reached; it means that only 6% of respondents refused to answer the questionnaire


Although we are many years on the market, part of the results was surprising for us, thus invaluable. Part of the recommendations we have implemented immediately and on the utilization of the others we are working.


Brand Brothers convinced us with extensive experience in B2B markets, that it is our best choice.


European leader in B2B research

Since our agency came into the market in 1996, Brand Brothers has been specialized in B2B market research. Due to satisfied customers who came back to us time and again at the end of the 1990s with requests for B2C surveys, we also entered this market. B2C surveys, too, are processed without compromising on top quality. Nevertheless, B2B remains our agency’s main specialization.

We have vast experience in B2B research, and we understand in detail the most common problems that companies face when interviewing business customers. Most research agencies focus almost exclusively on B2C, and that means they do not know the specifics of business markets. They do not know how to deal with a representative selection of large companies, SMEs and individual business people. They cannot cope with the extreme concentration of business markets or know how to find opportunities for reaching the largest industrial customers. Having conducted hundreds of surveys in this area, Brand Brothers has thoroughly worked through these challenges.

The strength of our service is reliable data collection even when interviewing very senior managers. Brand Brothers uses its own highly efficient methodology when interviewing this group of respondents. Because of this methodology, we achieve response rates at the level of 80–95%, thereby greatly outperforming the industry average. In addition, the rate of missing responses (i.e. responses of “I do not know” or “I decline to answer”) is only 2% in our surveys. The results of our surveys are not only reliable but also of high-quality.

We often advise our clients to combine B2B research with our other specialities:

Many of our specific methodologies have become the bases for successful research that our customers are repeating in more and more countries all around the world.