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The main competitive advantage of our studies is in how they provide clients with clear recommendations on how to increase sales, on more effective marketing methods, and on how to increase customer loyalty. We do not conduct research just for research’s sake.

So our studies do not provide only graphs and tables, but there are also practical, useful recommendations and market opportunities.


The study brought a number of hard data, observations, links and recommendations. We understood the decision-making process, and we found a hidden opportunity. We assess the cooperation with Brand Brothers as very beneficial.


Thanks to Brand Brothers, the entry of Division of diamond tools in Czech Republic and Slovakia was highly successful. It is in our group expressed as an example of effective enforcement of the new market.


Brand Brothers significantly contributed to the completion of our future business strategy on the relevant markets. Thanks to the market research, we were able to determine the size of individual segments and it helped to set the right size of our business group.

AG Foods

Research revealed big opportunities.We have increased turnover and made profitable changes in assortment.


After a detailed study of the research, results showed quite a lot of fundamental facts, which by that time we were not able to see or ignored. Their work has become one of the pillars of a new marketing strategy.


Brand Brothers convinced us to make significant changes. We found new successful products and penetrated into new profitable segments. Many years of cooperation has increased our profit margins, turnover and profit.

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