Studies need to be precise and readable

Zpracování studií

At Brand Brothers, we make a point of our studies being easy to understand and precise. We have been improving the content and layout of our research studies for many years so that they can bring maximum marketing benefits. We offer our refined methodology under the characteristic name Easy & Precise. We regard this to be an important competitive advantage that we provide to our customers. We are pleased that our clients perceive our high-quality studies to make an important contribution and, as is shown below, our testimonials directly reflect this point.

These main principles of Easy & Precise studies:

1. Management Summary + Main Study + Appendix: The output from research processed by the Easy & Precise methodology is divided into three parts: For top managers, there is an easy to read part called the Management Summary. This concise abstract of conclusions can be read within one hour. The research results are presented in the Main Study. Some data are detailed in the Appendix, so that readers can easily orient themselves in the underlying context.
2. Clear structure: We give special attention to the structure of chapters and sections. The topics are unambiguously divided into logical units, and that facilitates easy understanding of the information.
3. Illustrative graphs: Graphs in Brand Brothers studies are prepared in accordance with strictly defined, time-tested rules. To mention just a few: clear and orderly labelling, use of precise titles, choosing appropriate graph styles to present data in the most illustrative way, using colours that correctly reflect reality, and using a single colour to represent the same meaning in all graphs throughout the entire study.
4. Relevant commentary: Commentary on graphs and tables offers precise interpretations of statistical data. Commentary elaborates facts that are not easily understood. When necessary, we warn about the limitations of the acquired data (e.g. any risk of distortions due to statistical error or limits on the interpretative value of a given question). Easy & Precise studies therefore provide certainty that the information presented is reliable.
5. Marketing recommendations: Of course, customers want more than just statistical data that they are not able to apply in their marketing practice. They do not want dozens of indecipherable tables and graphs. They expect professional judgment as to their specific situations and they need to know how the information obtained can be put to effective use in their marketing.
Because Brand Brothers provides marketing advisory and market modelling, our studies processed using the Easy & Precise methodology are very specific and relevant. The commentary on results is followed by marketing recommendations. We do not serve up generalities, but instead supply rigorous, up-to-date and highly informative data that considers context in a straightforward manner.
6. Highlighting symbols: In Easy & Precise studies, you will find highlighting symbols that navigate you to important text, thereby enhancing readability.