Effective work with customer loyalty

Surveys of lost customers make for fantastic research with a quick payback and practical data. The data show that winning a customer back is easier and less costly than acquiring a new one. The reasons for your customers leaving are also critically important for understanding how to work with existing clients in order to keep them loyal to you.

In this research speciality, we focus on customers who have not ordered from your company for a long time or who have markedly decreased the quantity of their orders.

Lost customers are exceptionally willing to answer our questions thanks to our professional approach and the methodology we use. They are willing to share the reasons for the decline in their orders. They often do not like the fact that they had to choose another supplier.

This is how we can reveal the reasons for the decline in orders from individual clients. It may be due to a change in managers within decision-making positions, the company’s changing needs, insufficient customer care, problems with pricing, or insufficient business volumes. Based on 24 years of applying and improving this method, we can guarantee that it will be highly beneficial in terms of uncovering opportunities and finding relevant information.


A popular „triple-combination“

Lost customer methodologies can be carried out individually or in combination with:

This combination offers great benefits to boost your sales:

  • Understand where it is possible to achieve bigger and more frequent orders from your clients.
  • Obtain orders from other divisions of your existing clients.
  • Understand how to increase customer loyalty.
  • Restore orders from customers who have stopped ordering.