We are proud about the reliability of our data

In Brand Brothers, we are known for the reliability and accuracy of data. We are not doing any compromises in this field. Everyday dutiful work with interviewers, the appropriate motivation and our attention to details are the main reasons why our results are highly reliable every project we conduct.

Therefore, in our researches we achieve above-average response rate - in average of more than 80%.


Research was done in a highly professional level and the quality was first rate. For example, a better-than-average 94% response rate was reached; it means only 6% of respondents refused to answer the questionnaire.


We ourselves checked the interviews with respondents. It confirmed that the data collection reflects the reality and is highly reliable.

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Native speakers only are conducting the interviews from call center located in headquarters of the Brand Brothers company – collected data are thus comparable and reliable for each country. We visit the call center regularly to check the quality of interviewing for all researched countries.


I had the opportunity, to visit the office of Brand Brothers in Brno during and I could see in details how they are working. Finally I am sure, that we made a good decision choosing Brand Brothers.


Brand Brothers were able to conduct this research in covering 8 European countries with the same methodologies and accuracy for each country.


Brand Brothers made many above-standard steps to ensure high reliability.

How do we achieve high data reliability?

This is a very common question from our clients. This question is not easy to answer in a single sentence. But the spontaneous expression of one employee who came to Brand Brothers from a respected competitor may help:

“I have to say that I was surprised how engaged you are in data collection. In my previous job, no one supervised interviewers in detail and data was not checked. This approach makes a real difference.”