The most important cornerstone of successful push marketing

A service designed for companies that distribute their products or services through dealers or sales networks.

We often encounter the same problem when working with our clients: The client is a leader on its market. Customers often come into the store with the idea of purchasing our client’s products. The salesperson attempts to convince them – and often successfully – to purchase competing, cheaper goods.

It is therefore important to know your dealers, to know what troubles them, and what they need. It is often true that small but enthusiastic distributors or sellers that are primarily dedicated to your products can sell more than can large distributors or sellers for whom your products are only secondary.

We are able to determine how your salespeople decide who is currently the most recommended, what leads them to so recommend, and, last but not least, how much they can influence the final customer’s decision. Using this information, you will be able to set up an effective push marketing strategy.

Our agency also conducts B2C consumer research in order to obtain more customers for your dealer network.

Typical data

Let us mention one example of characteristic data. We examined decision-making processes among consumers for one client who is a seller of durable consumer goods (priced around EUR 900). This client is a market leader in both market share and awareness.

There are two relatively equal groups in this segment:

  1. Those who first choose a brand of goods and then seek someone who is selling it.
  2. Those who first visit a dealer, obtain advice, then choose a brand on that basis.

The result is typical, but nevertheless shocking. The client confidently has the largest market share among customers in the first group, but its market share is only half as large in the second group. Because of how its own as well as competing dealers work, it is losing out on considerable turnover.