Important decisions need reliable data

Spolehlivý sběr dat

We achieve long-term high data reliability and above-average response rate in our surveys, which far exceeds the average in competitive companies.

There is an indicator that response rate of 60% (percentage of agreement with answering the questionnaire) is in B2C research considered a good result. The Brand Brothers company achieves a response rate of 80-95% when interviewing senior managers with decision-making powers (B2B).

The rate of filled answers in questionnaire ranges for individual studies from 97% to 99% (only about 1% to 3% of answers are "I do not know" and "I refuse to answer").

How do we achieve these results?

  • We use a wide network of interviewers and in-house call centre for data collection.
  • Preparation of training is extensive. We do not create only a perfect questionnaire, but also an extensive document about the investigated product and industry. Everybody from the project manager to each interviewer must understand what the situation on market is. It is also the foundation of our success among respondents. Senior managers and technicians want to talk to people who understand what they ask.
  • All the interviewers are not only properly trained before the beginning of the research, but we also work with them every day.
  • Telephone data collection takes place exclusively from the internal call centre. Project manager sits only a few steps away from interviewers. And he is also with them in touch.
  • The project manager checks interviewers as well as questionnaires on a daily basis.
  • The result of the points mentioned above is that each questionnaire is checked on 2-3 levels. This care is reflected in quality and consistency of data.
  • Our interviewers perceive this care. They are a natural part of the team and have the same enthusiasm for the reliability of the data, as other employees of Brand Brothers.
  • A look to our call centre is often very interesting. The way how each interviewer speaks, live voices can be heard, different colours of voice, laugh, professionalism, some of them sit at the table, and some of them stand and other ones even walk around the call centre. Everyone calls in a different way and is successful with his own approach.
  • A significant consequence of our processes is the fact that a project manager has accurate and specific information about each questionnaire. This knowledge contributes to more precise commenting of results later on or responding questions during project presentation to the client.