Processing studies is our passion

We strongly emphasize the robust, easy-to-understand and precise preparation of our studies. For many years, we have been improving the content and layout of our research reports in order to bring our clients the greatest possible marketing benefits.


Professional approach from research assignment up to the final presentation. High quality and innovative way of data processing. Brand Brothers’ outputs are on the highest level we ever met.


In comparison to other research agencies we were pleasantly surprised by the detailed final report, which not only met the main research objectives, but it spread beyond their original assignment.


Very clear and well readable final study. The results exceed our expectations.


We conducted extensive and detailed research of small business customers with the Brand Brothers Company. We were pleasantly surprised by the results of the concreteness and detail. Particular recommendations were very valuable to our sales representatives.


We could see that there was a really hard work and expertise behind.


One of the reasons of our satisfaction was detailed elaboration of the results as well as their professional presentation including specific recommendation, explanations and observations. Although we are many years on the market, part of the results was surprising for us, thus invaluable. Part of the recommendations we have implemented immediately and on the utilization of the others we are working.


The results correspond to what Brand Brothers promised – they are accurate, clear, easy-to-read and directly applicable to marketing activities of Schiedel company.


Realized research has surpassed our expectations. Results are clear and the study is very readable. Part of the Easy & Precise are practical and realistic recommendations to which we can proceed effectively.

Our Easy & Precise methodology

In our studies, we use our own methodology that is appropriately called Easy & Precise. We regard this as a competitive advantage. It is based on the following main principles:

  • Consisting of 3 parts (Main Study, Management Summary and Appendix)
  • Clear structure
  • Illustrative graphs
  • Relevant commentary
  • Marketing recommendations
  • Highlighting symbols

Would you like to find out more about this methodology?