Brand Brothers’ services were recommended to us by our affiliated division. We realized more and more researches with this agency. Projects were recommended to other countries. Now we are cooperating in 16 countries.


In the beginning I was not sure, how can Brand Brothers manage the obtain data in Hungary. Then I had the opportunity, to visit the office of Brand Brothers. Now I was sure, that we made a good decision choosing Brand Brothers.


The market analysis contains real details and in the same time results are clear and easy to understand. We utilize knowledge gained from this research for example for planning of our marketing activities and in strategy of our commercial policy.

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Brand Brothers differs from competition mainly in very good language skills, broad geographic coverage, focusing on industrial market, compliance with deadlines, accuracy when working with data and thorough communication.


Brand Brothers conducted research in all countries with one research team, from one place, controlled by one project manager. We believe this is the reason why the data collection was accurate and reliable.


Brand Brothers were able to conduct this research in covering 8 European countries with the same methodologies and accuracy for each country.


Detailed information at an international level

We conduct B2B research in almost 40 countries in Europe, America and Asia from our internal call centre. The interviewing is carried out exclusively by native speakers. A great advantage of our approach is that all surveys are carried out by a single research team (compared to multinational agencies that research each country from a different branch). Our methodology is therefore the same for all countries. So our data are highly reliable and comparable.

If you want to know foreign markets, no agency provides greater reliability than does Brand Brothers.

What reliability do we regularly achieve?

In the context of international research, we achieve in each country:

  • a response rate of 80–95 %, which exceeds the average in our field;
  • at most 5% of questionnaires not completed; and
  • reliability and internal consistency of data regardless of the survey’s country.

With our experience, constant supervision of interviewers, and consistent methodology across all countries, we are able to guarantee greater reliability than can any foreign competitor. That means you can always rely on our data.

The cornerstone of our international marketing is that clients continually recommend our services. Top service that exceeds what is usual at competitor companies ensures demand from affiliates in other countries and from their business partners.

A typical example of cooperation with our clients begins with implementing the first project in one country and then continues to repeat the successful research in another country. As a result, we earn our clients’ confidence on a transnational level and the research is rolled out into a number of other countries. We then seek together other possible methodologies which can bring our clients significant growth opportunities.

We regularly work in these 39 countries:

In all of the following 39 countries, we regularly investigate B2B markets with our native-speaking interviewers who telephone from the call centre at our headquarters:

Belgium / Bulgaria / Czech Republic / France / Croatia / Ireland / Italy / Luxembourg / Hungary / Germany / Netherlands / Poland / Portugal / Austria / Romania / Russia / Slovakia / Serbia / Spain / Switzerland / Turkey / Ukraine / United Kingdom

Argentina / Brazil / Ecuador / Chile / Canada / Colombia / Mexico / USA / Venezuela,

Australia / China / Hong Kong / Korea / Malaysia / Singapore / Taiwan.

Map of countries we regularly work in

Do you need to conduct research in any of these countries? Do you want to enter a market in any of these countries? Do not hesitate to contact us.